BO$$ SPORTS CARDS has been in business for over 30 years. For years collectors & dealers have asked & suggested BO$$ SPORTS CARDS get into the grading business. Since the Pandemic in 2020, the Sports Card Industry has exploded beyond belief. Due to the extreme slow turn around with many of the Grading Companies, finally BO$$ SPORTS GRADING was born. BO$$ SPORTS GRADING specializes in baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards, & hockey cards.
BO$$ SPORTS GRADING mission is to help our customers achieve their goals and make their grading experience as safe and timely as possible. We dedicate ourselves to understanding the marketplace to help better serve our customers’ needs. Most of our customers are not just interested in the preservation of their sports cards but are also in the business of reselling their cards.

Fast Turnaround times (10-14 business days typically)

The card market changes fast and so do the values of the cards. A player can be hot one day and cold another. If you are looking to buy and sell sports cards, then take advantage of our quick turnaround times and be the first to get your cards back. This can make a huge difference for those who buy and sell online for a profit.
For those who want their cards graded for protection and future resale. Fast turnaround times get your valuable cards back to you quickly so you don’t have to spend your time worrying about them.

Live Customer Support

If you like speaking to robots and answering machines BO$$ SPORTS GRADING may not be for you. The owner of the company prides himself on being very hands on. We understand that your cards are valuable to you and you want someone to speak to. We are here to serve you and hope you, feel free to call and ask any questions you have on your mind.

No Hidden Fees and No Signup Fees

At BO$$ SPORTS GRADING there are no hidden fees or pointless membership fees that are just a waste of your hard-earned money. Everyone is a member and everyone gets treated the same. We keep it simple and make it fast.